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It has a Scattergories-like game show element, but it has different rules and one (unlike Scattergories) has a multi-round format. Its format is similar to the Battle of the Network Stars and Hasbro Family Game Night, but it has more game elements and there is no timer, and the host does not yell to hurry the players. Game format In the first round, the home audience is invited to play, and, as in the televised show, two people from each family (family members, close friends or relatives, and good luck individuals) answer questions on their own (not a family member per se) about their family. The questions in the first round are generally general knowledge (e.g., name of one of the family's children, name of one of the family's pets) or about their home or their relatives. In some versions, the first round may have multiple rounds, if the audience members play a lot. The two winners from the first round (with, optionally, a bonus question) play against the other family in the next round. The two winners in the second round compete in one or two semi-final rounds for the opportunity to play against the other family in the finals. The top two families in the finals are then played in the grand final for the win. Universes As of September 2011, there are five Family Feud games based on the original 1979–84 format, two editions of the original format, and one prequel to the original game (Play Away, a game originally created for the NES). Most versions also include The Newlywed Game. As of June 2019, there are nine games based on the current (2008–present) format, with two editions of the current format (they are separated into two consoles with very similar gameplay, similar to how the classic and current formats were separated), and one prequel to the current format (Family Feud Junior). The new format also includes The Newlywed Game, but they are not included in some versions. Original format Play Away (1978–1979) As of February 2009, there are two versions based on the 1978–84 original format. The two variants are The original version was based on the 1980–84 original format. The Family Feud Junior version is based on the 2008–present current format, with a few minor changes and the inclusion of The Newlywed Game




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Familyfeud2010editionpcdownload quytzimo

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