Born and raised in Thailand, Sunit “Lex” Chutintaranond learned from a young age to appreciate fresh, tropical flavors and to explore different cuisines. In the past three decades, Lex has created five successful and critically acclaimed restaurants in Ithaca, New York.


As a chef, he has been lauded for his impressive range – from sophisticated bistro fare to rustic Italian to complex Pan-Asian – and his ability to draw on multiple culinary traditions to craft perfectly balanced dishes. Lex has always been frustrated by the scarcity of good tropical fruit in the United States, and found himself missing the distinctive sweetness of Thai passion fruit.

Pash was born from his commitment to sharing these exceptional flavors with the world. Now, he is bringing his experience and his world-class palate back to Thailand’s farm country, creating flavor-driven juices that will let people everywhere know just how good the tropics taste.


When I was growing up, fresh squeezed juices were considered a luxury in my household. Despite the abundance of tropical fruits available in Thailand, we mostly drink pasteurized orange juice with breakfast, not unlike many American and European households. Globally, pasteurized orange, apple, grape, pear, and peach juices are part of many families’ breakfasts. These juices are very sweet, inexpensive, and widely available. While these juices are easy to make and therefore inexpensive, they certainly don’t stand up against fresh-squeezed juices with regards to taste and quality. High heat pasteurization not only kills bacteria to extend shelf life– it also breaks down nutrients and ruins the juices’ intrinsic flavors. Despite the addition of sweeteners and other additives to add flavor back, these mainstream pasteurized juices will never have the qualities of a fresh-pressed juice.

Recently, we as consumers have become more health-conscious and are increasingly aware of the use of sweeteners and additives to artificially enhance products’ flavor. We are beginning to care more about freshness, flavor, how products are made, and where the ingredients come from. Juice consumption and production is moving away from conventional, highly sweetened and pasteurized juices. While fresh-squeezed juices have a slightly higher price point, due to their higher quality inputs, many consumers are choosing them for their superior flavor and health benefits.

At PASH, we strive to meet the desires of the modern-day juice consumer. Our products are flavor-driven, 100% natural, cold-pressed juices with no added sugar or other additives. PASH is pasteurized through High Pressure Pasteurization, giving our juices a longer shelf-life without the use of high temperatures that destroy flavor and nutrient profiles. All of our juices are passion fruit juice-based and artistically blended with fresh, carefully selected fruits and vegetables from across Thailand. Each PASH recipe was designed to showcase the intense flavor of these individual fruits and vegetables through our curated blends.

After thirty years cooking in and designing five restaurants in Ithaca, New York, I have learned to excel at creating flavors that please Western palates using Eastern ingredients. Creating and bringing these flavors to new consumers is the passion that has driven me to devote the past three years to developing my line of PASH cold-pressed juices, and I look forward to introducing them to you.


High Pressure Processing is a nonthermal, cold processing technique in which the food in its final flexible packaging is subjected to high levels of hydrostatic pressure, inactivating its microorganisms, extending the shelf life and guaranteeing the food safety of the product. 

Pressures above 400 MPa / 58,000 psi at cold (+ 4ºC to 10ºC) or ambient temperature inactivate the vegetative flora (bacteria, virus, yeasts, moulds and parasites) present in food, extending the products shelf life importantly and guaranteeing food safety.

High Pressure Processing respects the sensorial and nutritional properties of food, because of the absence of heat treatment, and maintains its original freshness throughout the shelf-life.



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