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Born and raised in Thailand, Sunit “Lex” Chutintaranond learned from a young age to appreciate fresh, tropical flavors and to explore different cuisines. In the past three decades, Lex has created five successful and critically acclaimed restaurants in Ithaca, New York.


As a chef, he has been lauded for his impressive range – from sophisticated bistro fare to rustic Italian to complex Pan-Asian – and his ability to draw on multiple culinary traditions to craft perfectly balanced dishes. Lex has always been frustrated by the scarcity of good tropical fruit in the United States, and found himself missing the distinctive sweetness of Thai passion fruit.

Pash was born from his commitment to sharing these exceptional flavors with the world. Now, he is bringing his experience and his world-class palate back to Thailand’s farm country, creating flavor-driven juices that will let people everywhere know just how good the tropics taste.

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Working closely with our favorite farmers for the finest flavors straight from the land, we harvest only the best fruits and veggies to make our passion fruit based juices and smoothies With no heat pasteurization used, they keep their wonderful nutrients and taste as fresh as can be That’s our passion that’s Pash

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